The “A Team” Profile

SISTER DEBBIE – Sr. Debbie joined the Catholic Deaf Apostolate 27 years ago. On the 14th December 1991, before Archbishop Dennis Hurley, Sr. Debbie, declared her consecration of her virginity to Jesus Christ and His Church. Many deaf people were present at the special Holy Mass, to witness this very special occasion. She helps Father John Turner in the Deaf Ministry. She uses her Deafness to serve the deaf community.

BROTHER BRIAN TURNER – Brian is Deaf. He joined the Deaf Apostolate in 1984. He helps to drive the A Team all over the country, visiting schools and deaf Communities. It would have been impossible for Fr. John to drive alone and to preach Gods Word. Brian has a very good driving record of over 50 years behind the wheel of a car without accident.


FATHER JOHN TURNER CMM – John was ordained to the Catholic Priesthood on the 9th December 1978. The first Parish he went to was to Umzinto, south of Durban. Father John Driessen, the parish priest helped to develop the Deaf ministry. It started with monthly visits to Durban and Pietermaritzburg. The work of the Dear Apostolate spread to Zululand, Swaziland, Johannesburg and Pretoria. It developed still further to the West and Eastern Cape. The Deaf community in Zimbabwe, Maputo, Lesotho also needed the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist. The A Team has been very privileged to the able respond to serve their spiritual needs. The harvest is very rich and more workers are desperately needed to bring the WORD OF GOD to all the Deaf people of Africa and the World.

Father John on YouTube

Fr John Turner Speaks about his work with the Deaf of Southern Africa.  He makes a special request for assistance in prayer and then in ideas for systems, structures and programmes one can implement to help his work be more effective.