About Us


We call ourselves the “A TEAM”, Brother Brian, Sister Debbie and Fr. John. We are all Deaf and communicate by Sign Language. We have been working for many years together, ministering to the needs of our Deaf brothers and sisters of all tribes and nationalities, and religions, in their home communities and countries and churches. The A Team has done all this service freely for the Love of God.


Deaf People rely a lot on Visual Aids, like overhead projectors, Lap top pictures and blackboards. The latest development in the digital field of DVD Video recording of lessons is a great advancement to the education of the Deaf. Teaching through Visual picture are powerful tools in the teaching of the Deaf. This is the very best way of teaching as Deaf rely a lot on sight. They can understand the message much clearer through the use of SIGN LANGUAGE on DVD.

We have a just got a new Video Camera to produce dvd’s for the deaf, to use at home and schools.

There are bibles printed now, specially made for Easy Reading for the Deaf. These books are expensive. Digital Hearing Aids are very expensive. Many deaf adults cannot afford one. And once again miss out when the word is spoken by persons at work, church and T.V. media, where there is very little being done for the Deaf viewers, through sub titles.